Ras Kerrys, a natural talented musician from the heart of Africa; Zambia.

With a fusion of reggae, jazz, alternative- and instrumental rock he captures the audience from the first moment he steps onto the stage. His last album “I’m just colorless” and tells the deep story of his strong fight ageist racism and inequality in the society. Ras has been seen as the soul of Bob Marley in a new body and he has a certain aura of someone with a message.

He has played at stages all around the world and fits just as well on the festivals as on a cozy bar stage. Some shows: FIFA World Cup 2010, Camphill Village Festival, Rock i Daisies festival, Synergy Festival i Kapstaden, Bob Marley Anniversary 2012 & 2019 i Lusaka, Zambia och Planeta Festival 2015 & 2016 i Göteborg.


I was born in the north of Zambia with music and rytm flowing in my blood. Already as a little kid I started to play instruments and sing.

I was eight years old the first time I preformed. My father used to travel around in Zambia to organize openings of new schools, mostly at different mission stations, and one time there was this church gathering where they needed someone to play.

In highshcool I got chosen to be on national TV in a talent show. From this show I started touring in Zambia and built up a dedicated fan-base.


I’ve always been curious to go and see the world and therefore I went on a tour to South Africa and I really fell in love with that country so I ended up living there for more than 15 years. There I continued to preform at different clubs, festivals and even at FIFA WORLDCUP. I also released my first full length album “I’m just colorless” where I tell the deep story of my strong fight ageist racism and inequality in the society.


Now I’m staying in Sweden, a country far up in the north of the world, and here I’m developing a new style of guitar-playing .