Mental health and well-being is very important and always needs to be well taken care of in order to feel happy and alive. We need to let go of the negativity that holds us back. This is where a coach can come in to help you .”


We all want to live happy and feel free to be our self’s. But, in everyday life, intoxicating thoughts and problems sometimes steals all energy and leaves us drained and feeling down.

Sometimes we’re held back by fear. Or anxiety. Or a bunch of limiting beliefs and insecurities that we can’t seem to shake. Or when we’re so overwhelmed, stressed out and in survival mode that we stop feeling our self’s; who we really are.

As a coach, I can see things that you might not see about yourself. I can be honest with you in a way that family and friends can’t. I can help you see through things and analys them. Together we can solve things to make it easier to go through every day obstacles, with less stress and depression, to help keep your courage and self-worth high.


For me its heartbreaking to see people suffer in life when they deserve better.

I’ve gathered many tools and insights along my life which I want to share with you. That can help you make this shift to understand things more clear – this deep transformation – in your life journey.

Rastafari is a way of life and it is all about finding your own way to a natural and easy way of living. The power to change is inside you.


People who are facing life problems and struggling to understand why or how to solve these problems and to come back to positive self esteem.

Maybe you are stuck in a unhealthy situation; like a energy draining relationship or a boring job?

Or you’re scared to show your true self. You dream of expressing your self and making your ideas a reality, but you’re holding back because of fear, insecurities and limiting beliefs.


My coaching packages are tailor-made for each person I’m working with. That’s why I offer a first time session for free. During that first session we will get to know each other and setup a plan for tailored just for you and your needs.

You will get plenty of hands-on advice and guidence on our sessions. In-between our sessions, you will be given journaling exercises, tasks and other homework that we decide on together. And if you need some quick feedback in-between sessions, I will be available on email.

YOUR VERY First Session

WHAT: During this first session we will get to know each other and set up a plan tailored just for you and your needs.

TIME: 35 minutes
WHERE: Online/Gothenburg

Coaching session

WHAT: We meet for a tailor-made coaching session.

TIME: 55 minutes
WHERE: Online/Gothenburg

Breakthrough coaching session

WHAT: We meet for a in deep tailor-made coaching session where you really have time to talk.

TIME: 2 hours
WHERE: Online/Gothenburg


WHAT: I work as a neutral part with both of you to help you find balance and work trough your difficulties .

TIME: 1,15 hours
WHERE: Online/Gothenburg

Music therapy session

WHAT: At this session I combine music healing and therapy. Music can help you relax and release anxiety.

TIME: 1,5 hours
WHERE: Online/Gothenburg