Welcome to Ras music from the wind

When the wind blows through things it produces the natural sound, sound turned into melody that carries the message of creation to bring all nations together. Song writer/ Singer/ Performer/ Guitarist – Electric & Acoustic/ Percussionist/ Djembe & Marimba/ Noise: Fusion of Alternative rock, Reggae, Afri rock, Blues, Afro Jazz, Hip Hop Ragga, Balads

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Previous shows

Concerts & festivals: FIFA World Cup 2010, Cape Town, South Africa/ Planeta Festival 2015, 2016, Göteborg, Sweden/ Tribute to Bob Marley, 2017, Kulturhus Blå Stället, Positivparken, Göteborg/ Djembe & Marimba workshops, 2016-2017, Göteborg/ David Bäck and World Music Culture Club, 2016-2017, Göteborg/ Bob Marley Anniversary, May 2012 – Lusaka , Zambia/ Synergy Festival, November 2010, Cape Town, […]

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Music offerings & Private lessons

PLAYING AT VENUES & CONCERTS Would you like to accompany your event or enhance your venue with nice melodical sounds of marimba, djembe and acoustic guitar? Or reggae and alternative rock! I am offering to play marimba and djembe inspired by traditional music of Central Africa.  I have developed my own style of playing melodical and cheerful tunes […]

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My music journey

born 12 September in Zambia in the small town Ndola started to play percussion at the age of 5 and used to sing in a choir in the local church started singing and writing songs at the age of 8 about world, races and tribes coming together grew up listening to Bob Marley, Lucky Duve, […]

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