Previous shows

Concerts & festivals:

FIFA World Cup 2010, Cape Town, South Africa/

Planeta Festival 2015, 2016, Göteborg, Sweden/

Tribute to Bob Marley, 2017, Kulturhus Blå Stället, Positivparken, Göteborg/

Djembe & Marimba workshops, 2016-2017, Göteborg/

David Bäck and World Music Culture Club, 2016-2017, Göteborg/

Bob Marley Anniversary, May 2012 – Lusaka , Zambia/

Synergy Festival, November 2010, Cape Town, SA/

Camphill Village Festival, October 2014, Cape Town, SA/

Solar Eclipse Festival, June 2001, Lusaka, Zambia/

Africa Alive Road Show, tour in Zambia, June – July 2000/


30th September 2017: AFRIKANSK KULTURNATT, Musikens Hus, Djurgårdsgatan 13, Göteborg, SWEDEN

9th September 2017: A Tribute To Bob Marley, Positivet i Positivparken, Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg, SWEDEN

19th August 2017: GÖTEBORGS KULTURKALAS, A Tribute to Bob Marley med Ras Kerry, 19:00-19:30, Göteborg, SWEDEN

29th April 2017: Afrikansk Kulturdag, Nordstan, 10.00-18.00, Göteborg, Sweden.

15th March 2017:  TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY: Ras Kerrys & World Music Culture Club, Restaurant Kultur på burk in Kulturhus Blå Stället, 7 pm, free entrance, Göteborg, Sweden.

21st January 2017: Performing at #vistårinteut movement – Bältesspännarparken, Göteborg, Unga från alla länder – ansvaret i våra händer! , Göteborg, Sweden


11th December 2016: Djembe & Marimba workshop at Julbazar för alla!, Göteborg, Tillsammans för Östra GöteborgMusiker Mot Rasism, Göteborg, Sweden

4th December 2016: Christmas party for international students of GU, GIBCA, Göteborg

2nd December 2016: Uttryck Mot Rasism, 19.00-22.00, Frilagret, Göteborg

2nd December 2016: David Bäck and World Music Culture Club, Oceanen, 19.00-23.00, Göteborg

30 November 2016: Hela Sverige Lyser Göteborg, David Bäck and World Music Culture Club, 19.00-20.30, Götaplatsen, Göteborg

13th November 2016: Göteborg Open stage, Pustevrik, Göteborg

2nd-6th November 2016: Planeta festival 2016, performing with David Bäck and World Music Culture Club, Göteborg

3rd November 2016: Djembe & Marimba workshops, Planeta festival 2016, Frölunda Kulturhus, Göteborg

16th September 2016: Marimba concert, restaurant Majorna Krog, Göteborg

17th August 2016: Göteborgs KULTURKALAS – Djembe performance with Camara Percussions, 18:00-20:00, Charles Felix Lindbergs plats, Göteborg

6th June 2016: RAS Kerrys Live at Brännö, Café Varvet, 19:00, Brännö island (Göteborg)/

6th June 2016: Festival Illegal – Inte(r)nationaldagen, Museum of World Culture, 16:30, GÖTEBORG (Sweden)/

11th June 2016: Positivsparken Dag, Frölunda Kulturhus: Stora Salen, 14:30, GÖTEBORG (Sweden)/

Göteborg Open Stage, Pustevrik, 22nd May 2016, Göteborg, SWEDEN


Planeta Festival 2015, Frölunda Kulturhus: Stora Salen – 30th October 2015 Göteborg, SWEDEN

Frölunda Kulturhus – 26th September 2015, Göteborg, SWEDEN


Rabit Hole Contest, February 2014, Cape Town, SA

Camphill Village Festival – South African Heritage Day, 24th October 2014, Cape Town, SA

Oude Molen Eco Village, December 2014, Cape Town, SA


Alliance Française, March 2013, Cape Town, SA


Bob Marley Anniversary, May 2012 – Lusaka , Zambia


Zula Bar, January 2011, Cape Town, SA


FIFA World Cup 2010 – CTTICC – with Jack Mantis Band, June 2010, Cape Town, SA

Synergy Festival, November 2010, Cape Town, SA


Zula Bar, October 2007, Cape Town, SA


Johannesburg Festival, March 2003, Johannesburg, SA


King Mutswati concert, April 2002, Swaziland


Solar Eclipse Festival, June 2001, Lusaka, Zambia

Gaboron Festival, December 2001, Botswana


Africa Alive Road Show, tour in Zambia, June – July 2000


Livingstone Festival, Livingstone

1998, 1999

Zambian Agricultural Show, Lusaka, Zambia


Tour with Shala Wambe band, March – September 1998, Zambia

My music journey

  • born 12 September in Zambia in the small town Ndola
  • started to play percussion at the age of 5 and used to sing in a choir in the local church
  • started singing and writing songs at the age of 8 about world, races and tribes coming together
  • grew up listening to Bob Marley, Lucky Duve, Beatles, Jimmy Cliff, Jimmy Hendrix
  • at the age of 8, joined theatre drama group, singing and performing up to secondary school
  • while at secondary school, released 3 singles Praise the King, Care about step children, Irie hights that were broadcasted in Zambia on TV shows up to today
  • at the age of 16, started to perform at the secondary school, wrote the fist single Praise the King and played at Zambian TV talent show called Sounds Good programme in 1997, discovered by promoter Brian Changala and became well-know musician in Zambia and started playing with Zambian top bands like Shala Wembe, Mayenge, B Sharp
  • in 2000, Africa Alive choose the song Irie hights as leading song to spread awareness about HIV and other epidemic diseases that people in Africa have been struggling with. The song was chosen for the TV show called Explosion 2000, and got sponsored by Africa Alive for a road show tour around Zambia.
  • left Zambia in 2001 and was invited to play in Botswana at Gaboron Festival
  • in 2002, moved to Johannesburg and started playing with Zam Band at different hotels and festivals. The same year, was invited to play at King Mutswati concert in Swaziland
  • met Lucky Dube in 2003
  • moved to Cape Town in 2003, started teaching himself to play acoustic guitar
  • in 2006, Jack Mantis found him and became his producer
  • from 2007, started to playing with Jack Mantis Band and recorded the single Life in the city that was broadcasted on the radio Bush
  • from 2008, started working with Redbull and recorded the song Coconut tree in Redbull studios in Cape Town under Red Bull Academy


  • together with Jack Mantis Band, had shows around Cape Town including Synergy Festival, Rock in the Daisies and FIFA World Cup in 2010
  • in 2011, left Jack Mantis Band and became solo artist, formed the fist band “The Mystics” and “Rainbow Band”, thought himself to play electric guitar
  • in 2012, released the song Gimme left that quickly became “people´s song”, and 12 Sept 2012 released the video for the song

  • from 2012, started to play at different concerts and festivals as solo artist with band “The Mystics”
  • in May 2012, returned to Zambia after 12 years, was invited as a lead guest artist at Bob Marley Anniversary
  • played with “The Mystics” up to 2013 and in 2014 formed another band called “Rainbow Band” which he is currently playing with as the backing band
  • 17th June 2015, released new album with the title “I am just colourless” recorded with Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town
  • July 2015, moved to Göteborg in Sweden where is currently residing and performing (see Upcoming shows and Previous shows)